Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a room full of excited, happy people it makes you feel good?  It’s almost as if it lifts you up and makes you feel happier and lighter feeling.  On the other hand, when you walk into a room where people are arguing, it can leave you feeling heavy and can actually physically make your stomach upset.  This is the powerful effect that the energy around us can have on us.  If you’ve ever been to Vegas then you know what the energy of the lights, the music, and the sound of excited people can do to you. It makes you feel so alive! 

So what about the energy in your own home?  How do you feel when you walk into your house, or into a certain room of your house?   Do other people get a good vibe when they come over?  Think of all the times that you, plus all the people who lived there before you, got angry or upset; had arguments and misunderstandings.  With nowhere to go, that toxic energy just lurks around, pulling you down.  I cannot begin to describe how absolutely amazing it feels to get rid of that energy!  You can physically feel the difference after a good clearing of energy.  It makes you want to take deep breaths and enjoy your new sacred space. 

If you feel your home needs a deep energetic clearing, I would LOVE to provide this service for you!!  I've been smudging my house for a few years now and have smudged family members houses with great results.  I recently smudged an old house with a lot of history to it.  It was such a profound and humbling experience that I shall never forget it.  It has inspired me to provide the same opportunity for others; to create that sacred space for you!

I use several methods  to release years of lower energies from your home,  including smudging with white sage and the use of Reiki and sound vibration.  I also include an energetic blessing after the clearing process with the use of incense, Reiki, and a rosewater blend.  This can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the house and the history.      

The fee for this service is $40/hour.  If you only need a partial clearing we can certainly work something out! 

For more information or to book a house clearing session, please feel free to Contact me.

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